Joseph Pagano: Worship Saved My Marriage

Meet Joe Pagano, author of “Worship and Marriage” and co-editor of Common Prayer: Reflections on Episcopal Worship.

Joseph S. Pagano currently serves as an appointed missionary of The Episcopal Church. He is a visiting lecturer in theology at The College of the Transfiguration in Makhanda/Grahamstown, South Africa. He is married to Amy Richter.

Q & A with Joe

Q: What are your two favorite hymns?

A: “Lift High the Cross” and “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.” “Lift High the Cross” is a great hymn about Christian proclamation and “Let All Mortal Flesh” is a great Eucharistic hymn.

Q: Do you have a favorite worship service or part of the Book of Common Prayer?

A: The Easter Vigil.

Q: The working title for this book was Sunday Morning. It’s published as Common Prayer. Why the change?

A: Some of our contributors appropriately ventured outside of Sunday worship and spoke about some other experiences of our liturgical tradition, e.g., the Blessings of a Home and the Blessing of the Animals. Because of this, we thought it would be best to change the name to Common Prayer.

Q: What do you like most about this collection?

A: I like the strong, distinctive voices of each of our contributors that comes through in the essays. I find it’s through the concrete particularity of their experiences that I’m able to connect with our tradition of common prayer.

Q: What’s your next project?

A: A book on Anglican approaches to religious pluralism.

Joe is also the author of The Origins and Development of the Triadic Structure of Faith in H. Richard Niebuhr: A Study of the Kantian and Pragmatic Background of Niebuhr’s Thought (2005), and co-author of A Man, A Woman, A Word of Love (2012) and Love in Flesh and Bone (2014). He keeps a blog at

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